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Yeah we said it, but did you hear us though? Tune in to catch us breaking down sports, society and culture topics so they can “forever and consistently be broke.”DeWayne Parker (DP) – Kevin Patton (KP) – Ubong Attah (Bong)

Sunny From Down the Hall

Suny From Down the Hall

Wordly, International and Opinionated, these are the views and perspectives from how I see it…. Welcome to the “Suny, From Down the Hall” show…

Talk Black to Me

Welcome to “Talk Black to Me”, a weekly podcast show, discussing a variety of topics from a BLACK perspective. Home of the REALEST opinions on entertainment, current news and events in black talk radio! Talk Black to Me features a group of talented hosts; Jah Ali, Elle Elle, and Marco Vegas. Feel free to email the show, Tune in HERE for exclusive, unedited, unfiltered REAL TALK. New Episodes Weekly.

The True Chop Up

True Chop Up is a place where we can come together to discuss any number of things from entertainment, politics,
life experiences and culture all from the black perspective. If for example, a personal experience of your’s has left you
with a bit of wisdom or an unpleasant set of consequences, speak on it on True Chop Up. All opinions, points of
view and factual accounts are welcomed here. There will be several different segments rotated into
the show on a regular basis. We’ll keep it straight forward and real with no judgements. We encourage our listeners to
contact our weekly show with suggestions or a chance to be bring what’s on their mind to the “Chopping Block” so
we can “Chop It UP”. Hit your girl Quest at

The Big Money No Problems Talk Show

“You have two hosts Chuck and AG who know the importance of networking, ways to revive the culture, and an understanding of why relationships matter!!! We are here to provide a platform to “OUR” people who are thriving in their selected professions. We will be talking to guests who are in music, business, sports, publication, and politics. Through these conversations we want to ignite the mind of the next POWER PLAYER!!!” “SO WELCOME TO THE MOVEMENT”

Black & Unfiltered

The Bad Boys of Radio/Podcast come together and discuss everything from entertainment, music, sports and world issues in THE MOST ENTERTAINING, UNCENSORED AND UNFILTERED way. In other words…..They say what you want to say but are afraid to say….They also introduce you to some of the dopest independent rap artists from around their way! THIS IS PURE ENTERTAINMENT THAT’S REAL BLACK AND REAL UNFILTERED.

Truely BeYOUtiful

Welcome to Truely BeYOUtiful podcast Our purpose is to create a safe space where you can freely express yourself and be unapologetic for it! Most importantly we are here to uplift, inspire, advocate and educate the youth of today. Oh trust me…’re in for a real treat.

Cognac and Conversation

What happens when you mix real talk with a splash of cognac? One of the best podcast/radio shows on the planet. All real all the time, with some of the best music you ever heard thrown in. Never a dull moment and always on point with host Marcos Vegas, Cognac & Conversation is definitely not a show you want to miss.

One United Radio

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